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Carmela Ram is the founder and owner of The Magic Spoon Bakery, a small home based business located in Hardwick, Vermont. For Carmela, a Vermont resident for the past 27 years but born and raised in Israel, the opening of The Magic Spoon Bakery is the fulfillment of a dream. “Baking was always a magical process,” she says. “When I was a little girl helping my grandmother in the kitchen, I did not even know that recipes existed. And I didn’t know that my grandmother was trying to make a particular cake, because each time she made a cake it always came out differently. My grandmother’s recipe was, you put enough sugar until you know that whoever eats it will be happy. And she was always smiling and happy when she was baking, so it really was magical to be around her.”

The product line of The Magic Spoon Bakery is rich combination of Old World recipe’s from Carmela’s homeland like organic pita bread and rugelach (a flaky-dough pastry with assorted filling of fruit preserves, nuts or chocolate), and an exciting assortment of classic American favorites like her original walnut brownie and chocolate chip cookies. Her delicious baked goods are available at numerous local vendors. And, of course, everyone is welcome to stop in at 95 Perry Lane Hill and visit the source of magic! Carmela’s warmth is immediately apparent as you walk through the door. It’s easy to see why her family and friends affectionately call her “Carmamma.” She is always smiling, exuding positivity and optimism. After all, this is a dream come true. “I always thought that it would be great to have a bakery in Hardwick, to bring a new business to the community, something that would be a source of pride for the town and would bring delicious treats that everyone can enjoy fresh from the oven,” says Carmela. “I try to make something for everyone, so that anyone can come to the bakery and leave with something that will make them happy.” Happy indeed!

In addition to offering excellent food to the community, The Magic Spoon also gives back to the town in a number of ways. The bakery employs local workers and ultimately wants to become a community bakery so that every employee owns a part of the bakery. They also donate weekly to the community lunch in Hardwick. Giving back is important to Carmela because she feels like this community has given her so much. “This town, my friends, my family…everyone has been so supportive and kind throughout this whole process. The Magic Spoon Bakery does not feel like work to me. I’m just having so much fun and enjoying every minute of it.”

Customers often remark that Carmela’s rugelach often brings them back to childhood. This is the real magic: the connection of family, community, and food. Really, what tastes better together? So get to the nearest store, or stop by and see Carmela herself, and we promise you’ll begin to believe in magic once again.